“It’s All Good” Gwyneth Paltrow’s Recipes

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 5:10pm by NaomiKathreen

photo 2Another windy rainy day in our little north Kerry town swept me and my big sis into the bookstore for a wander around earlier today, and as she headed to the new age section (our undoubtedly most frequented section of the book store) I headed over to another absolute favourite area of mine, the food section.  Oh how I love food books, shelves full of beautifully designed recipes with glorious pictures and inspiring edible creations excite me beyond measure. (pretty sad I know but I cant help it J ) I find it hard not to buy a new recipe book every time I’m in there. So today, my taste buds took an imaginary tour through Indian cuisine, tapa delights and the art of chocolate making in a matter of minutes before my eyes caught sight of familiar face with glowing skin and a hollywood smile.

Gwyneth Paltrow.


One of the worlds leading actresses and undoubtedly one of the most idolized bodies in celeb land.  And honestly at 40 years old, with that figure, it’s no wonder that she is. I’ve long been a fan of Gwenyths health living blog GOOP where she shares healthy recipes, wellness tips and fashion thoughts all under a positive lifestyle umbrella. So when I saw she had brought out a new cookbook well of course I had to take a look.

photo 3-1


And it seems Ms.Paltrow succeeded in carrying over her earthy holistic health vibes to the beautifully designed pages of her newest endeavor. The recipes are gluten and dairy free, (a result of an elimination diet she had to go on after she collapsed from exhaustion, anemia and vitamin D deficiency). But they look wholesome and tantalizing and have all the ingredients needed to have a gorgeous figure like Gwyneth. She includes all the things I talk about so often and try to include in my recipes, like coconut oil and milk, apple cider vinegar, braggs amino acids, organic meats, organic fresh berries, fruits and veg, nut flours and natural sweeteners like agave and dates.

The book is full of gorgeous photographs of the food and of course of Gwyneth herself looking toned and fresh faced and content. She’s the best advertisement for her lifestyle and diet which is obviously based around wholesome earthly good food that from what I was reading delivers in nutrition but doesn’t skimp in flavour.

photo 5

My favourite page was a scrumptious looking picture of banana “ice cream.” I’ve been reading about how to make this exact thing on a few raw sites recently and seeing it today in Gwyneth’s book has inspired me to stop looking at recipes for it and actually give it a go… which I’ll be doing tonight for dessert!! So hopefully it turns out as good as all these other recipe sites have made it look and I can share it with you tomorrow!!



Anyway, so that’s it, I just wanted to share a few pictures of Gwyneth’s new cookbook with you today,  and my thoughts on it, which is so aptly titled “It’s all good”, because it really looks like it is. If you’re looking for some new recipes or inspiration I highly recommend giving her book a read and trying some recipes from it. They are perfect for achieving a beautiful body inside and out! She is a great advocate of healthy living and a beautiful actress. If eating the kind of food she eats will have be looking as good as her at 40 then it really will be “all good”.

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