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Posted on Jun 6 2013 - 4:42pm by NaomiKathreen

sarakan2With all this hullabaloo about the crappy effects of fluoride, (which might I say is in everything from our water, to toothpaste, to beverages and medicines) has on our bodies I decided to post today about an awesome natural toothpaste that I’ve been using for a while now and not only is it free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, sweeteners, artificial colours or animal-derived ingredients, but it actually has brightened my teeth enough shades for my dentist to be absolutely convinced I’d been using whitening strips! (which of course I hadn’t as I did a few years back and found them far too painful!)

This awesome toothpaste I’m talking about is called Sarakan.



But before I tell you anymore about it, just incase some of you had no idea fluoride was in anyway detrimental to your health, here is an excerpt from an articles from a great site called NYR Natural News telling a little about it’s effects,

Unlike chlorine, which is added to our water for purposes of disinfection, fluoride is added to drinking water for forced medication (to prevent tooth decay). In fact, fluoride is the only chemical added to water for this purpose.

Like so many everyday substances that have been found to be toxic, fluoride has its roots in World War II research into weapons of mass destruction. Massive quantities of fluoride were essential for the manufacture of bomb-grade uranium and plutonium for nuclear weapons throughout the Cold War.

Post-WWII, fluoride was a popular form of rat poison. However, as fluoride production began to greatly outstrip its use as a rodenticide, scientists were spurred on by industry and the government to find other uses for it.

Hence why it has ended up in our water supply, toothpaste, and a million other things. Its in 10% of the UK’s water supply and a scary 60% of the U.S. Luckily 98% of good old Europe have apparently refused this method of mass medication.

The article goes on to say that there is enough fluoride in HALF a 100mg tube of toothpaste to kill a small child. Yes kill. That is ridiculous!!

So in an effort to decrease our exposure to this nasty dangerous toxin, its important to seek out other more natural products and perhaps have a think about where you water supply that you and your family are drinking comes from!  A filter would be a good investments for your health I dare say!

So that’s where my lovely Sarakan comes in. While its not as deliciously refreshing tasting as colgate or aquafresh or any of its fluoridated chemically flavored cousins, it has rather a mellow distinctive taste, probably because of the geranium oil it contains, and it is actually great for your dental health.

It comes from a plant called the Salvadora Persica which is quite suitably also know as “the toothbrush tree”. Apparently over 30 years ago an army doctor serving in India noticed the great quality of the natives teeth, despite their bad diet and he discovered that it was because they would chew on twigs from this plant. And for centuries throughout Africa, the middle east, and Asia they have been using this “chewing stick’ for its incredibly powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties!


So that’s my personal recommendation, and as I mentioned the best part is that both my dentist and the receptionist lady in the dental office remarked on the whiteness of my teeth after they hadn’t seen me in a few months. The only thing I could say Id been doing differently was that I’d changed my toothpaste. I know the dentist didn’t believe me for second when I told him of this natural toothpaste but I think I convinced the receptionist as she said she was off to get a tube of her own!

Do you have any good natural toothpastes or tooth cleaning products that you use? If so please let me know, as I’m always excited to find new natural beauty products!


Til next time,


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