Finding Balance – A personal insight

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 6:37pm by NaomiKathreen

563433_10151364470934733_1930244330_nFirstly, I want to apologize for the 6 week hiatus I just took from this blog. When I first got the opportunity to go on a U.S tour with my sisters, singing, performing and basically doing what I always dreamed about, I had every intention of keeping up my blogging activities. But when I started the tour in St.Louis Missouri, climbed on a bus with 17 other people, and realized that was to be my living quarters for the next few weeks, I quickly realized that my plans for clean eating across America were most definitely not going to happen, and my little pink laptop in my suitcase was probably not going to see the light of day until I touched back down in Ireland again!


But in saying that I think , in this age of technology, there was something to be said for not going on my computer for six weeks straight and actually getting to know the seventeen other human faces that surrounded me. It truly was the best six weeks of my young life and I found a contentment in that time as such that I have never known before. I got to perform every night to thousands of people, wake up to a different view every morning, snow capped mountains or sunny palm filled streets, a different state every few days, a daily search for the nearest Starbucks, not to mention the joy in the mere fact that I was sharing this experience with my two sisters and a bunch of new amazing friends, and luckily for me, a very lovely and talented boy, who was not only easy on the eyes but kept my curious mind buzzing with deep conversations about life, our souls and the universe.  Basically I felt completely and entirely fulfilled, and while I most certainly did NOT “eat like an actress” for the duration of the tour (trying to eat healthy and workout while traveling across America is close to the biggest pain in the bum ever) I didn’t stress out about it.  Granted some of the food at the pitstops along the way was most certainly not fit for human consumption, but we ate it. It was that or go hungry.  And since everything else in my life was wonderful, it took my focus off of the fact that my diet was gone to wreck and ruin.



But you know what, It was okay. Life really is about balance, and while I may not have been eating healthy, the very fact that my whole being was so content almost counteracted any negatives. I came back home full sure that the scales would tell me just how badly I had eaten in the month and a half id been gone, (And I did eat AND drink whatever junk I wanted) but instead of gaining weight I was two pounds lighter! Which leads me to believe that living a truly happy life by doing something that you love, has a far greater impact on our physical beings than we even know.  I think I truly understand what “finding balance” in life means. While the majority of the last few years of my life I’ve been crazily concerned about diet and exercise and health, always afraid to stray too far from my concept of “healthy”. I think my discipline caused me to lose some amount of joy. In six weeks, sharing my life and shabby morning face with a bunch of people who started off as strangers but became a family that I will love for life dearly, I realized that life is not about anything other than thoroughly enjoying the moment. I thoroughly lived and loved every moment of those six weeks, (sure I came out the other side exhausted and with a cold,) but now I can balance out with a detox and a few runs on the beach! But embracing the moments life gives us is truly the ultimate road to great health and a happy heart.


I’m waffling, yes, but I do think that I came to some realization since I last posted. Of course I’m still going to eat healthy and take care of my wonderful working body that Mister Universe/God so graciously blessed me with, but I’m going to do it with a little more balance. A few glasses of wine, or cold beers, or a big huge juicy hamburger, can all effectively be balanced with a day spent doing something you love, and a night laughing with people who make you happy.

That’s my lesson for the day anyways.


Love always,

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  1. Marie ONeill March 25, 2013 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Well said Nay! Viva la vida loca!

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