Smoothie Bowl Craziness

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 1:47pm by NaomiKathreen

If you’re one of the 90 or so million instagram fans I’m pretty sure you’ve come across something that looks like the above picture. Dubbed “smoothie bowls” they have become quite the breakfast of choice for the healthy eating community on there.

I think they’re popularity is mainly due to their visual appeal rather than the practicality of putting a smoothie into a bowl. Well at least thats what I think. Of course I think they are gorgeous and the perfect coloured canvas for an array of delectable fruits and raw treats,  but when it comes down to actually eating them I usually throw all the fruit back in a blender after the photo has been taken and drink it as would a normal smoothie drinker.. from a glass ! 

Nevertheless, I will probably continue taking pictures of smoothie bowls just because they are so pretty and it feels like Im back in art class when Im decorating them with various fruits!! 

And since we’re on the subject of smoothies, here’s a small list of the many benefits of turning your whole fruits into delicious liquid meals;

1.Its one of easiest ways to get our daily recommended fruits and veggies into our bodies…throw fruits and veggies into a blender and voila… you’re eating a cocktail of important nutrients and vitamins all in one go! Whats not to love about that! I personally would choose to throw a half bag of spinach in a smoothie, instead of sitting down to a plate of it any day!!

2. It gives your liver a little break and so your body has time to detox. Because your digestion isn’t focused on breaking down the food you’re consuming ( as the blender has already done much of that job for you) you’re digestion can take a much needed break and your organs like the Liver, which is also the most important, has a chance to focus on other things that that need its attention, like eliminating toxins. Plus all that fibre from the fruits and veggies only helps everything move smoothly through your digestive system. Plus you can even add greens like kale and dandelion to really boost the detox properties of smoothies!

3.Its the best and easiest way to refuel after a workout. Smoothies allow the body to get all the nutrients and vitamins it needs after a tough workout much faster than through a solid meal. Plus its so easy to add a good quality protein powder to help feed the muscles you just worked s hard! 

4.Beauty benefits are seen in the hair, skin and nails… with all those vitamins and nutrients getting into your system on a daily basis it won’t be long before your hair is silky and shiny, your nails strong and your skin smooth and radiant!!

5.And last but not least, its a perfect healthy meal to have on the go. In this fast paced world we are currently in where everyone has more to do and not enough time to do it, the smoothie has become the perfect fast meal that is made within minutes and can be taken with you on the go. I recently got the Nutri Ninja Slim for Christmas and it allows me to blend everything in the same to go cup that i can take with me out the door. Perfect!! 


So there you go, whether you decide to fancy up your smoothie by putting it into a bowl like is the latest instagram craze , or you simply blend it all and take it to go (which is definitely the easier method) Smoothies are in short, little meal miracles!


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