How to get a body like Emily Ratajowski

Posted on Jan 12 2016 - 11:51am by NaomiKathreen

screenshot-2014-11-03-at-15-03-21The beautiful Emily Ratajowski rose to fame a mere two years ago after appearing rather scantily clad in Robin Thicke’s music video for the biggest song of that year Blurred Lines. Truthfully i had never seen her before in my life or heard of her until I saw Ben Affleck’s movie Gone Girl (I don’t watch tv much) and I didn’t realise that she had already been making quite the name for herself. I guess living in rural Ireland you tend to find things out quite a bit later than the rest of the world! 

One of the obvious factors of her sex appeal, apart from her good looks, is that she has very enviable body proportions. She seems to be able to maintain a very slim frame while also having substantially big boobs. Sort of every girls dream body I suppose if we are to be honest! There is a lot of debate on whether said boobs are real, but nonetheless Emily still has long toned limbs and a lovely flat belly so it was worth checking out what she claims to do to maintain her figure.

On doing some research, and listening to some interviews with her, I’ve come to quite respect miss Ratajowski as its obvious she’s more than a pretty face. She has created a sort of feminist “empowering women” image from her affinity with stripping off and getting naked. Somehow I believe that she truly sees a woman’s choice to be publicly naked as something that should be celebrated rather than looked upon as skanky or dirty or slutty. And I have to say that I do merit this notion as I think as a society, especially from growing up in catholic Ireland, women in general are in bad need of shedding this guilt around their bodies and around sexuality and I think thats what Emily is trying to portray. Anyway, apart from that, many women are looking to find out what way the actress/model is eating and exercising to achieve her body and just as she herself believes others shouldn’t copy her because what works for her is individual to her, I also must stress that unless your body type is similar to Emily’s, your body will probably never look like hers just by copying what she does. And i think thats important for girls to understand. 

I know myself that I am a mix of a mesomorph and endomorph (fitness terms for body types- you can check yours here) and so I would probably be best doing workout routines and eating foods suitable for this body type. Celebs that I could look to would be Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence etc. 

So I would stress that if you desire a body similar to Emily’s its probably more possible if you already have a similar body type, which I would think would be ectomorph as her limbs are very slim and narrow. 

Body types like this do not need much exercise to stay in great shape ( believe me i know.. my sister is one and I’ve envied that quality of hers all my life ) 

They also tend to choose rather light healthy foods naturally.

Emily claims not to workout much and I believe she probably doesn’t have to. She says she does YOGA about three times a week, which with her body type would be perfect for maintaining her long lean limbs, and she also says she goes hiking which is a wonderful form of cardio. It builds muscle while also keeping cardiovascular fitness up and wouldn’t be too taxing for an ectomorph body type like Emily.


I would recommend doing a slower yoga form like Hatha over vigorous types like vinyasa or ashtanga as they can cause too much weight loss for already naturally thin people. (Emily was slated for appearing too thin at last years Met Gala but its an easy thing to slip underweight for these body types so its not fair or nice to give them such a hard time.)


As regards her diet she seems to keep a balanced outlook on it all with choosing clean foods like berries and coconut for breakfast but including red meat in her diet for Iron purposes. I believe she eats quite healthily year round but allows herself a cupcake or croissant for breakfast if the mood strikes her. From my perspective it seems she is quite in tune with her body, and due to a fast metabolism she can luckily be a bit more lenient about what she eats than other body types!

So if Emily’s body is your dream body, I strongly suggest you only use her as inspiration and motivation if your own body type is similar to hers. Choose long leaning exercises that don’t involve too much cardio like Yoga, Pilates, Barre ( a lot of Victoria secret models also have this body type) and you can include some light weight training for more muscle definition. Make sure you’re eating enough calories for your body type and getting them from clean foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins like fish, chicken, beans and lentils, plain yoghurt and avocados. Oh and this body type more than any needs lots and lots of water! 

Any questions don’t hesitate to comment below!!

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