How to make effective New Years Resolutions for a fitter, healthier, hotter you!

Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 2:18pm by NaomiKathreen

So now that we are all pretty much at that stage where even the thought of downing another slice of turkey with stuffing and gravy, or trifle and cream, or glass of whiskey has us feeling pretty disgusted with ourselves, we can almost hear that New Years mantra “My body is my temple” ringing ever nearer in our ears, and we’re just waiting for the big countdown in order to get started on our resolutions for the New Year.

And although January 1st is always the big focal point of any life overhaul we want to make, it can also be very similar to a Monday morning.

You see Monday is always our day to start something new during the year. We wait for the Monday mornings to start new diets, or the gym, (meanwhile stuffing ourselves like we’ve never done before that weekend in lieu of our very new strict diet we’re about to embark on) and when it comes we’re fantastic on the first day! We wake up early, we work out, we eat healthy, we’re on our way!!

Tuesday, we do the same but Tuesday evening we have two cookies. But it’s no big deal right? cause we had a salad for lunch and we’ll work it off tomorrow!

Wednesday, we’re very sore from the last two days workouts, so we decide it’s better to take a day off today. Then we start to convince ourselves that it’s probably best not to over do it, and we should ease into working out. Maybe just 3 days a week! We’ll go again Saturday.

And then there’s that dinner with friends on Friday night and well, you just can’t be anti-social and not go, and well, you’ve been so good all week, the lasagne and chips wont count! So you gorge on Italian food, feel guilty, punish yourself with thoughts about how you’ve already ruined your week so there’s really no point being good for the weekend and you’ll just have to start again Monday morning!

A mental and emotionally torturous cycle that can easily be a similar fate of our new years resolutions. We’re great the first month, pretty good the second, by the third we start to get distracted and come mid year, well we start slacking off, and by the time winter rolls round we just tell ourselves we’ll start all over again in the new year! So how do we avoid this pattern? How can we make a new years resolution like “eat healthy and work out” and actually stick to it? How can we make health a habit?

Firstly the only way, we as human beings stick to anything is if we have a very good reason to do so. If we are motivated, we will stick to it. But we have to have very strong reasoning’s in order to stay motivated. Maybe you want to be healthier to be a better example to your kids, maybe you have always wanted a fit body to feel more attractive and confident, maybe you want to avoid an illness or just want more energy, whatever it is YOU NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN!!. AND You need to write you’re your REASONS for wanting to make this resolution.  So for example if it’s because you want to feel more attractive, write that down like this;

I am making a resolution to eat healthy and exercise at least three times a week BECAUSE I want a better body so I feel more attractive.

But don’t stop there!!!! In order for this statement and resolution to have the power to motivate you throughout the year it needs to have A STRONG EMOTIONAL REASON attached to it. So ask yourself, why do you want to feel more attractive? So you feel confident, so you feel empowered, so you can attract the man (or men) you desire?

Whatever your reasoning’s behind wanting to get fit and healthy make sure they’re good enough that if you fail to start or fail to stick to the plan, IT WOULD DISTURB YOU!!! In the words of the amazing life coach Tony Robbins “GET DISTURBED”. Because its only when we as humans are disturbed enough that we get up off our bums to get what we want.

So once you make your resolution put it somewhere you can see it everyday. It may help to put a picture up of the kind of body you desire to achieve as a daily motivator to out on your gym shoes and head for a workout or run. It’ll set the tone for your day.

Also I would strongly recommend, if you decide to join a gym, to pay for it ahead of time. That way you’ll feel bad about wasting money if you don’t go. Or join a workout class where you have to pay upfront so it keeps you going (believe me this one works!!) or ask a friend to join you on your quest for the new improved healthy you. You both can help keep each other motivated!

Remember it is possible to have a body like a VS model, or Jessica Biel or Miss Universe or whatever your ideal is. Yes it’s part of their job to look good, and they are consistent and diligent and stick to a routine all year, but make it part of your job in life to look good too!!! Because when you are fit and healthy and know you look amazing, every other area of your life will improve as well because you will have a confident boost like no other! So make it a priority in your life. Don’t spend another year being less than your absolute best self!!



Here’s a few tips to get that resolution off to a great start!

  1. Buy some cute workout clothes (as its always more motivating when you think you look good in the gym mirror).
  2. Join a gym or regular fitness class and GO!!! DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES!! I promise you theres no better feeling than the feeling of finishing a workout. (**the price of a gym membership may make some people hesitant to commit, but how much are you willing to pay for your health?! What you pay now to keep yourself healthy and fit, will help prevent all kinds of ridiculously expensive health bills in the future for doctors and hospitals.. so it really is an investment in yourself. an investment in your health and well being that I promise you wont regret!!)
  3. Get out regularly in the fresh air for a walk or a run on the beach or in a nice park. Meet your friend for a walk rather than a drink or a coffee which wont be as beneficial to your health!
  4. Be prepared when it comes to eating healthy. Make out your shopping list for the week and make your salads for lunch or dinners if you are going to be at work or away from the kitchen. There are endless super easy recipes available on the internet, (and on this blog Eat Like An Actress!!) so there’s no excuse, even if you’re the worlds worst cook. Pouring some boiling water into a bowl of oats with some dried fruit is pretty much idiot proof!!
  5. Reward yourself every two or three weeks with a nice treatment like a pedicure or facial or something that makes you feel good.
  6. Stay AWAY from the weighing scales! Remember if you’re working out, muscle weighs more than fat so how much you weigh does not reflect your fitness level. Monitor your progress by the way your clothes fit!
  7. Visualize and keep in mind how good you’ll look this summer in a bikini on the beach! Kate moss once said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” but I think nothing tastes as good as looking amazing in a bikini feels! Remember that when you’re tempted to skip a workout or go on a junk food binge!

    Love this little picture!!

    Love this little picture!!

  8. And remember BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE, because it is!! If you can dream it you can achieve it!

Now get writing out those resolutions and make 2013 the healthiest fittest year for you yet!

And we’ll have tons more recipes here on Eat Like An Actress up in the New Year to keep you on track, motivated and still eating deliciousness as you work your way to body beautiful!!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Here’s to a super hot, super delicious 2013!!


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