Coffee… To drink or not to drink?

Posted on May 13 2012 - 6:47pm by NaomiKathreen

While the jury still remains out on this one, with contradictions about coffees pros and cons at every turn, I, being a fan of an occasional cup myself, will say that in this case you would do best to remember the phrase “everything in moderation”. As remember, it contains caffeinea naturally occurring stimulant found in the leaves, seeds and fruits of dozens of plants worldwide and it is a psychoactive drug!

I wouldn’t recommend drinking coffee everyday, especially if it is something you rely on solely to wake you up in the morning. Those that say they can’t function without their morning cup of joe need to take themselves aside for a little chat as there is nothing we shouldn’t have the ability to function without than water and a balanced diet.

Oh and love… who can live without love?!

Anyway, Let’s take a quick look at the supposed benefits and detriments of our beloved coffee:

• Coffee is rich in antioxidants which can help prevent aging and cell damage from free radicals.
• Drinking coffee may reduce the risk of
– Parkinson’s disease
– Cirrhosis of the liver
– Gallstones
– Kidney Stones
– Type 2 diabetes
– Memory loss due to aging and Alzheimer’s Disease
• It improves mental alertness
• It speeds up muscle recovery from fatigue and can also help in weight loss when taken before a workout.
• It smells and tastes delicious!!

• It may elevate cholesterol levels
• It has a negative effect on blood vessel tone and function
• May raise blood pressure making it a potential health hazard to those with hypertension
• Too much coffee can inhibit the absorption of calcium which can lead to osteoporosis
• Dehydrates the body as it acts as a mild diuretic
• Makes it difficult for those with Type 2 Diabetes to control blood sugar levels
• It blocks the hypnotic effect of the hormone adenosine which is designed to promote a restful deep sleep.
• Its effect of spiking the hormone cortisol may in fact have a negative impact on weight as over consumption of caffeine will exhaust the adrenal glands which can lead to thyroid problems and weight gain.

So what is the happy medium? I would say don’t banish coffee from your life altogether if it’s something you enjoy (unless of course you feel you would be better without it completely), but rather drink in moderation. I can’t see the harm in drinking two or three cups of coffee a week.
I recently found myself increasing my consumption of coffee as I spend alot of time at bookstores and cafes but i have broguht myself back in check and I have found alternatives like Starbuck’s Passion Iced tea unsweetened, (that I then sweeten myself with Stevia..delish!) or if you’re not lactose intolerant, hot milk with vanilla can be made at any good coffee shop! Totally delish too! Again, I would just try to not make coffee a daily habit as there are so mnay more options out there, and of course as with everything, I do recommend you choose organic coffee, as the plant from which it’s made is one of the most heavily sprayed with pesticides. So all in all I think coffee is something you can keep a part of a balanced diet. Go ahead and enjoy those weekend coffee shop jaunts with your friends, or treat yourself to a frothy cappucino as you share a dessert with a cute boy!! After all, life is there to be enjoyed! That’s more important than anything!


Coffee = ELAA approved (in moderation 😉 

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