The Powerful Tomato

Posted on May 1 2012 - 1:14am by NaomiKathreen

“A number of rare or newly experienced foods have been claimed to be aphrodisiacs. At one time this quality was even ascribed to the tomato. Reflect on that when you are next preparing the family salad.” – Jane Grigson

 The unassuming typically scarlet tomato, the fruit often confused as a vegetable, that comes in many varieties shapes and sizes, is undoubtedly one of our most powerful sources of a little element called Lycopene which is to free radical fighters, what the hulk is to the avengers. The biggest and baddest of the warriors!
Without getting too technical free radicals are atoms, ions or molecules in the body without unpaired electrons which in health and beauty terms mans they are the reason for degeneration of the body, wrinkles and aging. So when it comes to fighting off these free radicals and slowing the whole aging process of our bodies, we need to call in the anti-oxidant army. The general of this army could probably be Lycopene which our beloved tomatoes are rich in.  It is so powerful that cancers such as cervical, prostate, colon, stomach, mouth, and larynx have all been staved off by Chief general Lycopene.
And the good news is that you dont need to be consuming your tomatoes only in a raw state to benefit from them as Lycopene’s bioavailability actually increases when heated.
And as lycopene is not something our own bodies manufacture we do need to get this powerful antioxidant from consuming tomatoes. And the beauty with the tomato is that it’s such a versatile fruit that it can be used in so many ways in cooking.
From Italian bolognese sauces, to Mexican salsas, to Greek Salads, the versatile tomato holds a long-held well-deserved place in our kitchen both for its flavor and nutritional value!
And so in saying that I will leave with you a recipe for homemade Tomato basil soup, which is quick and easy and far superior to anything you’ll find in a carton! And you just cant beat homemade soup 🙂
4 Cups, or 8 large tomatoes, peeled, cored and chopped, (you can also use canned tomatoes though not as good as fresh tomatoes)
2 cups of tomato juice
2 cups good quality chicken stock ( even better would be homemade chicken stock)
14 washed fresh basil leaves
1 cup of Organic heavy cream (please only use organic dairy!)
1/4 pound organic butter (Kerrygold is the best brand of butter as it’s from pasture fed cows!)
a dash of salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
Combine the tomatoes, juice and stock in saucepan. Let simmer  for 30 minutes.
Puree, along with the basil leaves in a blender or with a handheld blender if you happen to have one!
Return to saucepan and add cream and butter while stirring over low heat.
Garnish with basil leaves!
You can enjoy this with some Ezekiel sprouted grain bread for a healthy lunch!
ELAA Approved!

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